Synergizing Thought and Action: Unleashing Strategic Potential in Entrepreneurial Environments


  • Sidra Mehmood
  • Atia Bajwa


This paper explores the interplay between thinking and doing in the formation of effective strategies within
entrepreneurial settings. The global business environment, characterized by increasing competition and
complexity, demands firms to adapt entrepreneurial strategies to remain competitive and innovative. While
strategy is considered the starting point for any organization, its effective formulation and implementation pose
significant challenges. This study recognizes the dichotomy between thinking and doing in strategy formation
and emphasizes the importance of integrating both perspectives to create coherent and successful strategies. The
paper discusses the need for executives to understand the interdependencies among activities and develop
cognitive structures, such as mental models and strategic blueprints, to holistically conceptualize and mesh
together the interdependent activities that constitute strategy. By synthesizing both thinking and doing, firms can
better capture entrepreneurial opportunities and achieve competitive advantage. The research aims to bridge the
gap in understanding how the integration of thinking and doing can lead to effective strategies within
entrepreneurial settings.