Strategic Marketing Approaches to Boosting Milk Consumption: Unleashing the Power of Demand in the Dairy Industry


  • Hyenjo Kimm


There are fifty states in the United States and most of states do not impose tax on food products for all citizens.
However, foods served in restaurants and fast-food chains are levied by state government of federal authorities.
There is abundant output of foods in the United States and its population is somewhat limited. Milk is well
supported by public sector as public schools serve milk for lunch for students without taxation. To increase its
milk consumption, each citizen is in need of consume more milk. In capitalism market system, supplies and
demands are always looking after equilibrium which over supplies causes lower manufacturing eventually by
over stock. Problem with these daily products is that it is not available to be stored in warehouse for long term.
By researching how to increase these daily products by economics perspective would bring about major
understanding of economics study