About the Journal

International Journal of Physics and Materials Sciences (IJPMS) is an open access journal, which publishes paper biannually under the umbrella of University of Lahore. This journal is at the forefront of modern research, which focuses on all aspects of theoretical, computational, and experimental research in the areas of Physics and Materials science. These trends incorporate a broad range of disciplines, which includes physics, chemistry, materials science, and engineering, and have broad implications for technology and industry. A noticeable trend is the investigation of two-dimensional materials, such as graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs). These materials indicate extraordinary electrical, optical, and mechanical properties, qualifying as an ideal candidate for modern energy storage devices, sensors, and electronics. A further important trend implies the manipulation and control of nanostructures. At the nanoscale, researchers are designing innovative approaches to engineer materials, supporting the fabrication of modified properties for special uses. This approach extends to quantum dots, nanowires, and nanotubes, which have distinctive features that can be utilized for advanced technologies. Altogether, IJPMS carry the potential of transforming various industries and introducing astonishing possibilities for the future.

Call for Papers: Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Material Science

Topics of interest are included, but not limited to:

1.Theoretical Physics

2. Materials Simulation

3.Energy Systems

4. Materials Synthesis and Processing

5. Nanotechnology

6. Nonlinear Dynamics

7. Polymers and Soft Matter

8. Semiconductor Physics and Devices

9. Condensed Matter and Material Science

10. Nanotechnology

11. Semiconductor Physics and Devices

12. Surface Science