A,A The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on firms: a survey in Punjab Province, Pakistan


  • afshan ali Akhtar Saeed Medical College


Abstract: The goal of this paper is to research the impact of coronavirus disorder 2019 (COVID-19) at the monetary performance and coins holdings of Pakistan agri-food companies. We also have a look at whether or no longer business enterprise possession, the affected regions, and leverage degree affect this courting. The empirical effects show that the COVID-19 outbreak has had no extensive effect on financial performance and the cash-keeping level of agri-meals agencies. In addition, the economic performance of nation-owned groups is superior at some point of the sort of crisis, whereas COVID-19 reduced the economic performance and coins-protecting level of privately owned companies. In center- and excessive-danger regions, the pandemic has had a terrible impact on monetary performance, while it has had a nice impact on monetary overall performance in low-chance regions. The terrible effect of COVID-19 on coins keeping is extra in exceedingly leveraged businesses than it has been in low-leveraged corporations. This paper may offer some new insights for managers to ensure easy operation and improve companies’ performance in order to conquer this crisis.




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