An Exploration of Factors Influencing Co-creation in Medical Education using Holistic Approach


  • Faiza Salman Avicenna medical and dental college
  • Mehvish Shahid
  • Fatima Ikram
  • Saba Rehman


Keywords: co-creation, medical education, stakeholders, factors, holistic approach



Co-creation, an emerging pedagogical concept, has gained attention as a promising approach to enhance medical education. The concept of Cocreation (CC) in Pakistani medical education system is somewhat new, this research contributed to the existing literature by exploring the new dimensions of CC in medical education. The aim of the study is to adopt a holistic approach to identify and examine the diverse factors that impact cocreation in medical education. The study used a qualitative approach using an open-ended questionnaire to arrive at the current findings. The total participants of the present study were N= 31, consisting of males=14 and females=17. Furthermore, the sample was taken from two important stakeholders from medical education context, namely teachers and students. The researcher also participated in one-on-one interaction with participants when the questionnaires were administered that generated multifaceted factors crucial for promoting stakeholder’s engagement and improving educational outcomes. The study concluded with highlighting values of cocreations approach and the potential and institutional benefits of staff and students co-creating learning and teaching methodologies.





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