Authors' Guidelines

The research paper must be typed, “Multiple 1.15” spaced with Times New Roman Font 12. Paragraphs are formatted as “6pt” after spacing, employ italics, rather than underlining (except with URL addresses); and all illustrations, figures, and tables are placed within the text at the appropriate points with Time New Roman Font 11. Page margins should be as follow:

Top: 1”
Bottom: 1”
Left: 1”
Right: 1”
Indentation: 0”
Gutter Position: Left
Gutter: 0”

Paper Title should be Times New Roman 16 Font. Author names should be Centered Aligned with all capital letters in Times New Roman 11 Bold Font. Association and Corresponding Authors Email Address should be typed with one line space after Author Names with Times New Roman Font 11 applying no space between the lines.

All articles must be submitted through OJS after registering and logging-in on the OJS website of the journal. “

All contributors should follow the recognized style of typing references and bibliography as incorporated in APA 7th manual for research articles. The font for references may be selected as Times New Toman 11.

Format can also be downloaded from the website of journal at .

Further, it may be noted that only one article of any author or co-author will be considered for publication.

Download_Sample Paper_Template


*All statements of fact and opinion expressed in this journal are the sole responsibility of the authors, and do not imply any endorsement on part or whole in any form or shape whatsoever by the editors or publisher.