Grit, Academic Resilience and Growth Mindset in Universities of Lahore, Pakistan


  • Hurmat Fatima Riphah International University, Lahore, Pakistan



Academic Resilience, Dweck Mindset Inventory, Grit


This study sought to explore the connection among Grit, Academic Resilience, and Growth Mindset within a sample of university students. A total of 198 participants were selected through a convenient sampling method, with ages ranging from 18 to 35 years. Participants were drawn from various government and private universities in Lahore, Pakistan. Correlational sampling was employed, utilizing the Short Grit Scale to assess grit, the Academic Resilience Scale to measure academic resilience, and the Dweck Mindset Inventory to gauge growth mindset in university students. Reliability Analysis was conducted to assess the scales' reliability, Pearson product moment correlation analysis was employed to examine the relationships between grit, academic resilience, and growth mindset, and Regression Analysis was used to identify predictor variables for the outcome variable (Academic Resilience). The results revealed a significant positive correlation between grit and academic resilience, academic resilience and growth mindset, and grit and growth mindset (r=0.33, r= 0.34, r= 0.21 respectively). Grit and Growth Mindset emerged as predictors of Academic Resilience in university students. The study's implications suggest that the findings may assist educational authorities, teachers, and parents in fostering grit, academic resilience, and growth mindset in individuals and students, ultimately enhancing their educational and career motivations.