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Journal of Chemistry and Material Sciences

Introducing Journal of Chemistry and Material Sciences: Help us shape a more responsible future!

If Chemistry is important to you, then you might be interested to hear about our newly launched journal – Journal of Chemistry and Material Sciences (JCMS).

This peer-reviewed title is dedicated to advancing in the fields of Chemistry. JCMS publishes exceptional, rigorous, high-impact research articles, reviews, short communications, reports and perspectives of important recent research in organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, applied, medicinal, computational, biochemistry, geochemistry, natural product research, petroleum and petrochemicals, macromolecules, polymers, nanochemistry and material sciences including energy, sensing, environment and biomedical applications.

We welcome papers that are scientifically valid and technically sound in their methodology and analysis of presented results.

2 reasons to publish with JCMS

  • Flexible publication options:As a hybrid journal, JCMS offers you the option to publish open access.
  • Experienced editorial team: Our experienced and dedicated editorial team, led by Arif Nazir, PhD, Mehr-un-Nisa, PhD, Muhammad Rizwan, PhD, Idrees Jilani, PhD, Nyla Amjed, PhD, and Ariba Farooq, PhD, is committed to maintaining the highest peer review and publication standards.

Submit to Journal of Chemistry and Material Sciences and join us on our transformative journey towards a more scientifically conscious and responsible global community.