Aims and Scope

Journal of Law and Justice is a double-blind peer-reviewed open access Journal to be published biannually in January and July under the umbrella of the College of Law, The University of Lahore, Pakistan. The Journal aims to highlight issues relating to law, justice, and society in a systematic way based on the dedicated work of the researchers.

The journal is intended to seek publications of high-quality authorship in a variety of areas including but not limited to human rights, socio-legal research, criminology, criminal justice, forensics, criminal investigation, sociology and psychology of crime and criminals, innovations in the field of law and justice due to AI advancements. The journal welcomes a range of empirical and theoretical research, policy analysis and critique, views, and reviews about legal framework in analytical and comparative approaches.

The main objective of this Journal is to help the justice system, law enforcement, and policymakers to introduce effective measures for securing the fundamental rights of individuals, protecting human rights, seeking efficacious dispensation of justice, and maintaining law and order in a society guided by the valuable suggestions received from erudite contributions of the scholars.

The Journal has a wider scope regarding research dimensions and is projected to cover all the major and minor areas of law, legal system, criminal justice, matters of civil nature, public international law, public policy, legal reforms, technology and its impacts, violence, human rights law, and its violation, etc. Research based on modern trends and relating to the currently prevailing scenarios will be highly encouraged especially relevant to the topics focusing on AI and its importance for the legal system, transnational crimes, immigration laws, international business law, corporate law, green crimes, crime and mental health, and cyber crimes.